Carolling for Mozzie Awareness by Intune Music Carollers on 15 Dec 2012

Monday, January 7, 2013

Our Intune Carollers were out in action on 15 December 2012, going around the island to spread the message of 'Mozzie' awareness to Singaporeans! This was an initiative of ADK, and what was interesting was that the lyrics to the Christmas carols sung were changed to become more 'mosquito' related, so as to teach Singaporeans to be careful of mosquitoes and to be more aware of not allowing these insects to breed in their homes.

The carollers donned cute headgear that made them look like gigantic Mozzies! It was a fun and exciting experience for them, and we hope all Singaporeans had fun watching them too! The performances were done in secret, and hopefully you managed to catch them.. ;-p

Intune Carollers practising before they perform

Look sharp! Look smart!

Our young caroller, Samuel boy boy..

Let's sing louder and spread the awareness!

A group photo before we go out into the public!

The 1st performance was done at Clementi Mall.. secretly.. ;-p

Hope that our carollers from Intune Music School managed to spread some Christmas Cheer to those who were lucky enough to see our 'secret' performances!

Aaron Lin Weiqiang 
Intune Music School
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