Carolling at Heeren today, 28 Nov 07!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Today was a great day because the InTune Student Performers were at Heeren, on the stage outside HMV, singing Christmas carols for a TV programme called "Chuang4 ye4 Wu2 Di2 Shou3"! Local actress Chen Liping, Chen Diya and Carrie from Superstar, as well as Huixian from Campus Superstar were present too for this filming!

Overall, it was an enriching experience for our students, as they had lots of fun participating in the filming with the stars, as well as soaking in the Christmas spirit at Heeren! Incidentally, it was raining cats and dogs outside, and the students were slightly drenched, but this did not dampen their spirits at all!

I am certainly extremely proud of all my student performers for being so resilient and professional in their behaviour, and not complaining at all about being caught in the rain, or even for having waited almost an hour for the rain to stop! Kudos to all my students!

Hope to have more of these opportunities for everyone in the future! Do catch them on TV on Dec 18 during the "Chuang4 Ye4 Wu2 Di2 Shou3" programme! ;-p

Lin Weiqiang, Aaron

Some thoughts from our founder..

This year marks a special year for me and my partners, since it is the first year that we have embarked on this wonderful musical adventure together!

InTune Music School LLP is finally born this year, and we have managed to gather a group of wonderful student performers, as well as a loyal fan base, who are so very supportive of our activities and our performances. It marks a new stage in our lives as business owners, and also brings our musical experience to a totally different level.

As musicians as well as music instructors, we each have our own experience in various arenas like singing, songwriting, music arrangement, album production and so on. Some of us are experienced singing and songwriting instructors, others are professional music arrangers and sound engineers. Hopefully we will be able to combine our energies and create a wonderful synergy of musical talent!

Lin Weiqiang, Aaron