Xinyao Concert @ Hwa Chong on 27 July 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

Finally, the Official Photos for the Xinyao Concert on 27 July 2012 are OUT!! Intune Music School is proud to have participated and supported this fun and meaningful event!

Check out some of the highlights here:

Member of Parliament Mr. Baey Yam Keng graced this event

MP Ms. Tin Pei Ling also graced the event with a speech

The student emcees in their dashing jackets!

Intune Music Director Mr. Peng Chi Sheng on the piano

The full house audience!!

Local artiste Bevlyn Khoo having fun with the audience

Aaron and Bevlyn singing a love duet

Local artiste Jerome Won presenting his own composition

Talented youth dancers!

Local violinist May Lau on the violin!

MPs Baey Yam Keng and Tin Pei Ling with the rest of the invited guests and performers 

Mr. Baey and Ms. Tin singing with the singers from Intune Music School

Thanks to all your support, the organisers raised $70,000 for the ST Pocket Money Fund!!

For the rest of the pictures, do check out our school facebook fan page or our website for updates.

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We look forward to

Aaron Lin Weiqiang 
~ Intune Music School. Where Interest Becomes Inspiration!

Kovan Superstar 2012 Grand Finals @ Heartland Mall!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Intune Music School was once again very honoured to have been the Official Music School for the Kovan Superstar 2012 Singing Competition! We have been working with Kovan Superstar since the year 2010, and this is our 2nd time supporting the competition.

It has always been lots of fun supporting Kovan Superstar because the singers are always of a high standard, and the finalists are always so full of fun and energy! It also helps that the organising committee XYZ Inc is always helping to develop the talents of youth in Singapore, and this competition certainly will aid these youth to unleash their performing talents and gain more experience.

Check out the pictures for this competition below:

Aaron Lim as one of the judges for the Grand Finals on 12 Aug 2012

The 3 judges (from left): Karen Lin, Peter Tan and Aaron Lim!

The 12 finalists onstage, awaiting the results..

Finally, the Top 3 finalists.. eager to hear what they won..

Fairus Adam, a singer from Intune Music School, and winner of Kovan Superstar 2010!

The 3 judges with the 3 winners!

From Left: Jingren (3rd place), Bryan (1st place), Aaron Lim and Juliana (2nd place)!

Congratulations to the 3 winners, Bryan, Juliana and Jingren, and to the rest of the Top 6 placing (Meiling, Jiajun and Afiq), as well as to the rest of the contestants (Kimberly, Kelly, Phoebe, Fengyao, Yokie and Hubert)! It was great knowing you guys, and I do hope that we will have to chance to meet up again in the near future! ;-p

Aaron Lin Weiqiang 

~Intune Music School. Where Interest Becomes Inspiration!

NTUC Club nEbO Music Album produced by Intune Music School in 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

NTUC Club nEbO engaged Intune Music School to produce a CD Album to showcase the talents of their nEbO youths, as well as those of local youths in general. The album, entitled 'Nobody Enjoys Being Ordinary', involved many young, creative and singing talents, and celebrates the vibrancy and ability of the youths in Singapore!  

Our directors Chi Sheng and Aaron Lim were involved in the production of the CD. Chi Sheng and Lynn Lee from nEbO were the executive producers, whereas Aaron was the Vocal Producer/Coach for this project.

(from left: Aaron, Allen, Sek Jhia, GQ, Chi Sheng, Ray and Jean)

The basic song credits are as follows:
1) Nobody Enjoys Being Ordinary - Composer Peng Chi Sheng, Lyricist Bevlyn Khoo, Singers Ridhwan, Jean Goh, Afiq, Genevieve (Song Playing in the Background)
2) Fairy Our Tale - Composer and Lyricist Genevieve Seah, Singers Genevieve and Afiq
3) You Will Be - Composer and Lyricist GQ Fu, Singer Ray Choon
4) Turn Your Life Around - Composer and Lyricist Muhammad Faizal Bin Misdi and Shaun Ng, Singer Jean Goh
5) Undeniable - Composer and Lyricist Ting Si Hao, Singer Muhammad Ridhwan

Other personnel/organisations involved include Mr. Eric Wong (Recording Engineer), Mr. Allen Eu (Recording Engineer), Sonic Studio (Recording, Mixing and Mastering Studio), and Mr Sin Sek Jhia (Music Arranger).

The singers and producers in the recording studio

The songwriters for 'Turn Your Life Around'

Afiq in the recording studio

Afiq and Genevieve after singing their duet, "Fairy Our Tale"

Thank you very much to nEbO for giving us this opportunity to produce this Music Album! And, thank you to all who were involved! Let's look forward to our next big music project! ;-p

For more information about nEbO, please visit or !

Aaron Lin Weiqiang

~Intune Music School. Where Interest Becomes Inspiration!

6th Freshmusic Awards 2012 @ Crazyworld Cafe

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Intune Music School was proud to have been part of the 6th Freshmusic Awards, held on 6th August 2012 @ Crazyworld Cafe! Our performers Zuo En, Jerome, Aaron and Chi Sheng were present to showcase their songs, and also to give out awards for the various categories.

Check out some of the pictures here:

Jerome Won singing his solo song

Our director Chi Sheng playing the piano for Jerome

Singer and Publicist cum Pianist!

Our vocal instructor Zuo En singing her own composition!

Crazyworld Cafe!

A picture of musical beauty and expression..

Our performers and directors look forward to being part of the next Freshmusic Awards next year!
Let's all support local music together! ;-p

Aaron Lin Weiqiang 
Intune Music School

Xinyao Concert @ Hwa Chong Institution on 27 July 2012

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Once again, Intune Music School performers and artistes were involved in a large-scale concert, "Xinyao 新谣 1980-2012" on 27 July 2012, and the main aim was to thank everyone who helped to raise funds for the Straits Times Pocket Money Fund! This event was organised by Inspire, and was held at Hwa Chong Institution, Cheng Yi Auditorium.

The concert featured many local singers, including Intune Music School artiste Jerome Won, Intune Music School directors Mr. Peng Chi Sheng and Mr. Aaron Lim, as well as local singer Bevlyn Khoo and Chen Hui Si. They presented songs from the Xinyao generation, as well as many modern local original songs by various Singaporean artistes. Other performers included violinist May Lau and guitarist Sin Sek Jhia. There was also a song and dance segment featuring music by composer and arranger Mr. Eric Chirokyu.

Check out some pictures of the performers from Intune:

Huisi, Bevlyn, Jerome and Chi Sheng..

Directors Aaron and Chi Sheng (extreme left and right)

Some shots from backstage!

Just before the concert starts.. performers with guitarist Sek Jhia and violinist May Lau 
(on the left)

Thank you to all the performers!! Great show!!

We are very proud to have been part of this wonderful concert, celebrating the very best of local Xinyao music, and also rewarding the many wonderful people who contributed to the ST Pocket Money Fund for the less fortunate!

Here's to the next charity concert that our school will be involved in! ;-p

Aaron Lin Weiqiang 
Intune Music School