Be Intune With Jo Ee and Yikan on 20 Nov 2012!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Intune Music School's Vocal Director Mr. Aaron Lim was glad to have featured 2 of his students from the Singapore Raffles Music College (SRMC), Ms. Wong Jo Ee and Mr. Zhang Yikan. They are both Aaron's vocal students and take Pop Vocals Principal Study from him at Intune Music School premises.

This mini showcase was held at Crazyworld Cafe on the 20th of November 2012, Tuesday 9pm, and is entitled 'Be Intune With Jo Ee and Yikan'. Apart from featuring Jo Ee and Yikan, there was also a special guest performer Junior Tan from Intune Music School who sang a couple of love ballads for the event.

Check out the pictures below:

Jo Ee presenting her first few songs on Guitar..

Yikan and Jo Ee immersed in a duet song..


Yikan's turn to charm the audience with his singing..
Special Guest Singer Junior Tan..

The performers for the night! (from left) Junior, Yikan and Jo Ee! 
Great Show everyone!! ;-p

Looking forward to our next student mini recital at Crazyworld Cafe! Food is great, music is great, company is wonderful and the night was fun and exciting! ;-p

Aaron Lin Weiqiang 
~Intune Music School. Where Interest Becomes Inspiration!

Radio Interview on 933 FM with Derrick Tham and Aaron Lim

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our directors Aaron Lim and Peng Chi Sheng of Intune Music School made an appearance on 933 FM tonight, with deejay Kunhua, and special guest speaker Derrick Tham.

Derrick Tham and Aaron at 933 FM

Derrick shared the insight behind many of his songs, telling the listeners how he came up with the melody and lyrics of the many hit songs he has written, including 最近, 靠近, 擦肩而过 for Sam Lee 李圣杰, as well as 会过去的 sung by Fish Leong 梁静茹.

Chi Sheng and Aaron chatting on air

Aaron sang many of these songs, with Derrick and Chi Sheng playing the keyboard for their 'live' performance on 933 FM. They also sang song dedications for the listeners throughout the night.

Chi Sheng playing on the keyboard for Aaron

Deejay Kunhua from 933 FM, with Derrick Tham and Aaron Lim

Check out the audio clip of the FULL interview at this link:

Looking forward to more radio interviews in the coming new year of 2013! ;-p

Aaron Lin Weiqiang 
~ Intune Music School. Where Interest Becomes Inspiration!

Lean On You 2012, a collaboration with Intune Music!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Our directors Peng Chi Sheng and Aaron Lim were involved in a huge collaboration by 40 local artistes for Lean On You 2012 to raise funds for cancer research for the National Cancer Centre of Singapore (NCCS).

This project was started by Jerry Hoh and this year, Intune Music School is honoured to be part of this charity song project involving so many local singers, actors, cancer survivors and children too!

Check out the pictures taken during the group recording sessions:

The artistes in a group shot!! ;-p

Local performing duo Jack & Rai doing their part!

Zuo En, Maggie, Aaron, Benjamin and Charles..

Jerry with violinist Michael..

Violinist Michael with Chi sheng, Rick and Aaron..

Shimona, Nick Shen, Diya, Chi Sheng, Carrie, Sek Jhia and Aaron!

The singers in the recording studio having fun..

3 cute boy singers joining in the charity singing

Gor Gor Jerry Hoh guiding them..

MP Baey Yam Keng (white shirt, standing) with the other artistes..

So many local artistes involved!

The songwriter Melissa is here in this pic!

Nick Shen (blue vest) with Silver Ang (on his left)..

Nick Shen Weijun with directors Aaron and Chi Sheng

Music producer Chi Sheng

More group shots..

Funky group of singers!

Members of the Intune Family love to be part of these charity music projects, and we will be participating in many more for the year of 2013! Hooray! ;-p

Aaron Lin Weiqiang
~ Intune Music School. Where Interest Becomes Inspiration!

MDIS Talentime 2012 - Judges from Intune Music School

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Intune Music School directors Aaron Lim and Peng Chi Sheng were invited to judge a Talentime Competition organised by MDIS in October 2012 for students of the institution. Our Intune Artiste Jerome Won was also invited to be one of the judges for this Grand Finals Event!

Check out some of the pictures for this event:

The winners with all the judges and emcees onstage!

Chi Sheng (Centre) with the other judges..

Director Aaron Lim (left most) and Director Chi Sheng (right most)

Jerome Won, Intune Artiste, enjoying the performances

Aaron Lim receiving a token of appreciation from MDIS!

Chi Sheng's turn to receive his token of appreciation!
 Jerome Won, Intune Music School artiste, receiving his token..

Thank you George, Lynette and Ms Tan from MDIS for this opportunity to judge the Talentime 2012 organised by your school! We hope to be able to work together more next time! ;-p

Aaron Lin Weiqiang 
~ Intune Music School. Where Interest Becomes Inspiration!

Be Intune With Broadway Meets Opera 29 Sep 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Intune Music School was proud to have held our very 1st Broadway and Classical Opera concert, "Be Intune With Broadway Meets Opera", on 29 September 2012, at The Arts House, Living Room! We had 2 performances, one at 3pm and one at 8pm, and it was full house for both of them! ;-p

Our concert booklet..

Our classical singing instructor Mr. Hawk Liu led a group of his personal students as well as his students from Intune Music School to present this unique and wonderful concert, presenting popular songs from Broadway musicals as well as Classical operas!

Our lovely performers...

Our helpers Kongwee and Jin Jie!

Another 2 lovely helpers, Hanxiang and Joann!

Performers for this concert included (above, from left) Mr. Hawk Liu, Shahdon, Karen, Grace Roberts, Andrea, Evelyn, Aylwin and pianist Ken!

The great piano maestro Ken..

Karen singing an opera from Madame Butterfly..

Shahdon... charming the hearts of ladies..

Andrea singing with her lovely light voice..

Grace and Hawk.. teacher and student.. lovers in the song??

End of the 3pm matinee concert.. time to say Goodbye..

Aylwin saying hi to his friends and fans..

Evelyn, the musical diva..

Hawk looking very relaxed with Ken on the piano..

The lucky Aylwin with 2 pretty girls singing accompaniment for him..

Chi Sheng and Aaron with twin pianists Shao Xuan and Shao Ying..

Grace Roberts talking to another pianist, Zhibin..

Andrea and her friends who came to support her!

Evelyn with her family members.. and teacher Hawk Liu..

We look forward to our next classical and broadway event coming up in 2013! More exciting events coming your way! ;-p

Aaron Lin Weiqiang 
Intune Music School