Be Intune with Connie, Sharon, Xiu Lin, Christy & Zhi Hong

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Intune Music School has once again presented another 2nd year graduation show at the Arts House. The performers of the class PSP16 have great their great potential and talent throughout the shows. Here are some photos of the concert for those who had missed the great show or those who really love their show. Videos will be up shortly soon. Stay tune to our Youtube Channel

The great poster designed by Klenn.

Mr. Peng Chi Sheng, Director of Intune Music School

Ms. Lim Si Tong, Assistant Instructor for this class

Keith, our guest performer for pre-concert

Jia Ni, another guest performer for pre-concert

The main performers performing a group song

receiving great response from the audience

Xiu Lin on the Grand Piano

Christy singing and playing at the Grand Piano

Zhi Hong's sing and play at the Grand Piano

Sharon singing and playing at the Grand Piano

Connie showing her great 古箏 skill

Fairus, another guest performer singing duet with Sharon

Xiu Lin & Connie performing 四手聯彈

Another song of their 四手聯彈

The group photo with most of the performers and helper

Aaron Lin WeiqiangDirectorIntune Music School