Intune Music School and the New 2009 Year!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Intune Music School.. our humble little music school has been around for only around 1 year plus, but has achieved so much that we are pleasantly surprised ourselves sometimes too. Since 2007, our school has expanded our premises to a lovely shophouse space in Prinsep Place, and has also begun to offer new courses like guitar sing and play as well as pop violin! We have also just gone on our 1st carolling session, as well as our 1st Christmas potluck dinner in 2008! ;-p

The past year has not been an easy year for our school, and it has been tiring for myself and my business partner. But, whenever we look at our students and our Intune Family and see how much fun and love they share amongst themselves, it never fails to brighten up our day and give us the strength to keep persevering on this musical journey.

For the new year, my wish for our humble little school will be to continue to be sincere and loving to all our students, and to never become cold, commercial, unfeeling or mercenary. Many of our students are already our friends, and we regularly on outings and even go overseas together! This is how a business should be run.. with a big HEART!

Lastly, Intune Music School would like to wish one and all a very successful and happy new year in 2009, and hope that we all pursue our interests and transform them into the INSPIRATION that powers our lives! ;-p

Aaron Lin Weiqiang
Intune Music School