Intune Music and L'Officiel Magazine Launch @ Palais Renaissance 8 Dec 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Intune Music School was invited to perform at the launch of the L'Officiel magazine @ Palais Renaissance, and also to do some carolling at this event as well as at Steinway Gallery itself too. This performance was held on 8 December 2011, and we managed to bring smiles to many shoppers at Palais Renaissance, as well as the friends and supporters of Steinway Gallery!

Do check out the lovely pictures here:

Performers for the day: Aaron, Cynthia, Samuel, Chi Sheng, Darren and Zuo En

Carolling onstage: Aaron, Samuel and Zuo En!

Samuel with his teacher Cynthia and our director Chi Sheng

Preparations onstage!
 Performing in the Steinway Gallery

Darren and Rei Horng performing their original compositions

Chi Sheng on the piano, accompanying Fairus for his song

Great job everyone!
From left: Rei Horng, Darren, Fairus, Samuel (boy), Chi Sheng, Zuo En and Aaron!

There will be many more such performances lined up, so do keep in tune with our activities and events! Check out our school website at, as well as our Youtube video channel at to view our videos!!

Aaron Lin Weiqiang 
Intune Music School

PVM 20 Graduation Concert @ Crazyworld Cafe 241111

Monday, December 19, 2011

We are proud to announce that yet another one of our pop vocal classes has graduated! 

PVM 20, comprising of Zeng Yicheng and Chua Xingjun, put up an entertaining night of songs for their friends and family members. Guest performers Yanping, Sitong, Zhihong, Connie and myself were also present to help them out, and also to encourage them in their very 1st performance!

Check out the pictures here now:

Yanping and Sitong singing, with Zhihong on keyboards

Yanping and Xingjun posing for pictures


Yicheng in his heartfelt performance!

Xingjun in her solo performance

A duet between Sitong and Yanping

Sitong and Aaron.. a duet!

Yicheng singing a duet with Xingjun, with Connie on keyboard!

Xingjun and Sitong

Sitong, Yanping, Xingjun and Yicheng.. Graduated!!

The whole Intune PVM 20 team @ Crazyworld Cafe!

Let's look forward to our next graduating class' performance!! ;-p

Aaron Lin Weiqiang 
Intune Music School

Jerome Won 阮忠威 Album Launch @ Crazyworld Cafe on 201111!

Intune Music School is glad to support yet another quality local music production! 

Jerome Won (阮忠威) is a very talented and experienced local singer who has sung for at least 10 years at Music Dreamer Cafe @ Marina Square! Now, he has finally released his personal EP, and we are proud to be his first supporters!

Check out the lovely pictures of his album launch @ Crazyworld Cafe on 20 Nov 2011:

Jerome's poster and CD

Helpers from our school: Rongchan, Lennard and Leon!

Jerome singing to a full house at Crazyworld Cafe

Performing with friend and fellow singer Iris Goh

Onstage with guitarist Snow and pianist and publicist Chi Sheng

Guitar and vocals.. a lovely combination!

Autograph time!

Jerome's youngest fan waiting at the table for autograph..

Sunnyhills Pineapple Cakes.. a sponsor for this album launch!

Big smile!

Iris and Jerome.. looking very compatible!

The gang of helpers and friends from Intune Music School!!

Hope that in the coming years, more local musicians and singers will launch their albums and bring more life to our local music industry!!

Aaron Lin Weiqiang
Intune Music School

Intune @ House of Mini 7th Outlet Launch on 4th November 2011

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Intune Music School was glad to have supported the launch of 'House of Mini' 7th Store Opening Launch, held at Jurong Point, on 4th November this year!

Our performer Fairus was there to perform a few songs for the event, and we also had a glimpse and a taste of the beautiful mini cupcakes available for everyone to enjoy!

Do have a look at some of the pictures for that day:

Fairus singing the opening song, "If I Ain't Got You"

Fairus chatting with the emcee, Andy

Fairus and Christine, the owner of 'House of Mini'

Just look at the beautiful cupcakes and tell me you're not moved!!

More delicious cakes!!

We are very glad to have been part of this outlet launch, and we hope to be invited for more events in the coming year!! ;-p

Aaron Lin Weiqiang
Intune Music School

Once Upon A Dream 心梦旅程 Mini Musical Performance!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

XYZ Inc from Kovan Paya Lebar CC organised a mini musical with Intune Music School, entitled "Once Upon A Dream 心梦旅程", held at Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' Secondary School's Agape Hall on 15 August 2011, Saturday!

Here are the pictures of the crew members and performers:

Congratulations on the completion of the musical!
Intune Music School is glad to have been the co-organiser for this event! It was a lovely night of song and performances, and also a meaningful mini musical with a storyline aimed at encouraging the youths to find their passion in life!

Aaron Lin Weiqiang
Intune Music School

~ Where Interest Becomes Inspiration!

Be Intune With Aaron, Kathryn, Jingwen, Rachel and Huimin @ The Arts House on 6 Aug 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Intune Music School witnessed a reunion of friends after 10 long years, through song and music!

Our director Aaron had a reunion concert with his 4 university friends - Kathryn, Jingwen, Rachel and Huimin - and all the songs performed were from the '80s and '90s, during which Aaron and his friends grew up. These were songs that they loved, and the audience also loved these many classic songs!

There was a great variety of song items performed, eg classic hit songs, sing and play items, dance item etc. Overall, it was a night of great fun and nostalgia, and the audience enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Enjoy the lovely pictures of the night's proceedings!

Programme booklet for the audience members
Our concert poster
The opening item for the night.. note the bold colours!!
Having a chat with the 2 emcees, Peiyi and Chi Sheng!
Aaron performing the 1st solo song of the night
Klenn and Kathryn doing a sing and play item
Sweet and lovely Huimin singing her solo song
The ever-beautiful Jingwen...
1 guy and 3 girls.. where's the 4th one?
Kathryn presenting her solo song
A proposal? No.. it's all part of the song..
Our retro dance item!!
A pose from the '80s!!
Jingwen doing a sing and play item.. Tian Hei Hei..
Kathryn, totally immersed in her solo performance..
Huimin with her sweetest smile!
Parting words from everyone..
Parting is such sweet sorrow...
We enjoyed ourselves putting up this performance for everyone, and I certainly hope that all the audience members enjoyed themselves too!

Here's looking forward to another meaningful concert!! ;-p

~ Intune Music School. Where Interest Becomes Inspiration!

Aaron Lin Weiqiang
Intune Music School