Double 'S' Mini Concert, 3 Oct 7.30pm @ Orchard YMCA Level 9, Rootop Cafe

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Come support Si Ming and her sister Chloe (Si Yin) at their concert showcase, "Double 'S' mini concert" @ YMCA Orchard rooftop cafe!!

It will be a night of great music, singing, as well as some wonderful dance moves by the sisters too! Our Intune family will be present to lend our support, and also to enjoy and have fun during this cosy event!

There will also be snacks and drinks on sale for all our audience members too.. Dinner is not provided though, so do have your dinner before coming up to attend this private concert! ;-p

Tickets are going at $12 each, and includes 1 complimentary drink. ;-p

Contact our school at or call us at 63360335 for more details.

Aaron Lin Weiqiang
Intune Music School