Be Intune With Aaron, Kathryn, Jingwen, Rachel and Huimin @ The Arts House on 6 Aug 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

Intune Music School witnessed a reunion of friends after 10 long years, through song and music!

Our director Aaron had a reunion concert with his 4 university friends - Kathryn, Jingwen, Rachel and Huimin - and all the songs performed were from the '80s and '90s, during which Aaron and his friends grew up. These were songs that they loved, and the audience also loved these many classic songs!

There was a great variety of song items performed, eg classic hit songs, sing and play items, dance item etc. Overall, it was a night of great fun and nostalgia, and the audience enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Enjoy the lovely pictures of the night's proceedings!

Programme booklet for the audience members
Our concert poster
The opening item for the night.. note the bold colours!!
Having a chat with the 2 emcees, Peiyi and Chi Sheng!
Aaron performing the 1st solo song of the night
Klenn and Kathryn doing a sing and play item
Sweet and lovely Huimin singing her solo song
The ever-beautiful Jingwen...
1 guy and 3 girls.. where's the 4th one?
Kathryn presenting her solo song
A proposal? No.. it's all part of the song..
Our retro dance item!!
A pose from the '80s!!
Jingwen doing a sing and play item.. Tian Hei Hei..
Kathryn, totally immersed in her solo performance..
Huimin with her sweetest smile!
Parting words from everyone..
Parting is such sweet sorrow...
We enjoyed ourselves putting up this performance for everyone, and I certainly hope that all the audience members enjoyed themselves too!

Here's looking forward to another meaningful concert!! ;-p

~ Intune Music School. Where Interest Becomes Inspiration!

Aaron Lin Weiqiang
Intune Music School