Lean On You 2012, a collaboration with Intune Music!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Our directors Peng Chi Sheng and Aaron Lim were involved in a huge collaboration by 40 local artistes for Lean On You 2012 to raise funds for cancer research for the National Cancer Centre of Singapore (NCCS).

This project was started by Jerry Hoh and this year, Intune Music School is honoured to be part of this charity song project involving so many local singers, actors, cancer survivors and children too!

Check out the pictures taken during the group recording sessions:

The artistes in a group shot!! ;-p

Local performing duo Jack & Rai doing their part!

Zuo En, Maggie, Aaron, Benjamin and Charles..

Jerry with violinist Michael..

Violinist Michael with Chi sheng, Rick and Aaron..

Shimona, Nick Shen, Diya, Chi Sheng, Carrie, Sek Jhia and Aaron!

The singers in the recording studio having fun..

3 cute boy singers joining in the charity singing

Gor Gor Jerry Hoh guiding them..

MP Baey Yam Keng (white shirt, standing) with the other artistes..

So many local artistes involved!

The songwriter Melissa is here in this pic!

Nick Shen (blue vest) with Silver Ang (on his left)..

Nick Shen Weijun with directors Aaron and Chi Sheng

Music producer Chi Sheng

More group shots..

Funky group of singers!

Members of the Intune Family love to be part of these charity music projects, and we will be participating in many more for the year of 2013! Hooray! ;-p

Aaron Lin Weiqiang
~ Intune Music School. Where Interest Becomes Inspiration!