'Be Intune With.. Lingyann and Gene' Concert on 21 July 2012

Monday, July 23, 2012

Intune Music School held another successful student concert, 'Be Intune With.. Lingyann and Gene' at Fullhouse Cafe on 21st July 2012, Saturday, 3-5pm. This concert featured 2 of our long-time individual vocal students, Lingyann and Gene Phua, performing many cover songs by Duffy, Van Fan, Jam Hsiao, Faye Wong and more!

Check out the fun below:

Welcome to Fullhouse Cafe!

Relaxing before the actual concert..

The 2 stars of the night! Lingyann and Gene!

 With their vocal coach, Aaron..

The fantastic four.. Alex, Aaron, Lingyann and Gene..

Lingyann, the fabulous pregnant performer!

Kongwee with his fingers on the sound board..

Our group item..

Junior Tan, our friendly handsome recep!

The wonderful audience! Tks for coming! ;-p

Gene doing one of his power ballad solo songs..

Gene and Lingyann enjoying a fun moment onstage..

Aaron singing '一眼瞬间' duet with Lingyann..

Duet song 'Love U Like U'..

Junior Tan singing 你不在 by Lee Hom..

Aaron singing his solo sing and play songs..

We hope to be able to hold more successful concerts at various venues in the future, and feature more of our talented performers!! ;-p

Aaron Lin Weiqiang 
Intune Music School

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