Irwin Fua, student of Intune Music School, is 1st runner up in Sunsilk Academy Fantasia singing competition 2012!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Congratulations to Irwin Fua, a student of Intune Music School, for winning 1st runner-up in the Sunsilk Academy Fantasia reality singing competition 2012! The Grand Finals was held on 16 September 2012, Sunday, from 7-9pm, and the results show was broadcast 'live' on Starhub Channel 110 at 10pm!

Irwin and his poster and presents from fans..

For the Grand Finals, Irwin first sang his own original composition, 梦想 (Dreams), which talks about being brave enough to pursue our dreams. Irwin certainly has been very determined and persevered with his dream to achieve his 1st runner-up position in this nationwide competition that was also telecast 'live' on Starhub Channel 110!

Irwin playing the grand piano at the start of the competition..

Opening item by the contestants..

Yes, we can do it!

To the stars.. and beyond..

The Grand Finals also showcased the past contestants and gave them one more opportunity to shine on the Sunsilk stage! This was a lovely reunion and many of the fans were happy to see the contestants they supported in the previous rounds.

All the judges and contestants and hosts on stage together!

The host, Zu-ge, with the 4 judges for the Grand Finals! 
Li Fei Hui, Xu Huan Liang, Lan Bo laoshi and Fang Wen Shan!!

Irwin, before singing his 1st song..

Listening to the judges' comments..

Sharing a light moment with the host before the 2nd song..

For his 2nd song, Irwin performed 唯一 (Wang Lee Hom), and it was a sincere and honest performance of this classic love song! Irwin certainly looked the part with his nice maroon suit and his cute blue bow tie.

Making good use of the stage for his second song..

Thoughtful after hearing judges' comments..

The fans with a homemade poster!

Special Guest Singer Yu Kewei!!

The Top 3 contestants waiting for their results..

The Top 2 contestants, Irwin and Huixian, waiting for their name to be announced..

Irwin, after winning 2nd placing!!

Intune Music School is proud to have been able to groom such an outstanding student, and we look forward to nurturing more future young stars of Singapore! For those who would like to keep in touch with Irwin's music and news, do join his facebook fan page at

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Aaron Lin Weiqiang 
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