Intune Music @ Esplanade Concourse on 10 Feb 2013!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Intune Music @ Esplanade Concourse on 10 Feb 2013.

Check out the pictures below:

Our performers backstage... 

Crew and performers together..

Guitarist Sek Jhia..

Evan Liao the percussionist..

Aaron singing a love song onstage..

Thanks to our supporters for coming down!

Audience members purchasing Jerome Won's CDs..

The singer autographs...

Evan getting an autograph too!

Group picture during intermission!


The audience were great!! 

Jerome Won singing and grooving..

Aaron with his trademark expression..

The great diva.. Fairus Adam...

See you all at Intune Music's next performance!! ;-p
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Aaron Lin Weiqiang Director Intune Music School