Intune Music @ Esplanade Concourse on 10 Feb 2013!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Intune Music @ Esplanade Concourse on 10 Feb 2013.

Check out the pictures below:

Our performers backstage... 

Crew and performers together..

Guitarist Sek Jhia..

Evan Liao the percussionist..

Aaron singing a love song onstage..

Thanks to our supporters for coming down!

Audience members purchasing Jerome Won's CDs..

The singer autographs...

Evan getting an autograph too!

Group picture during intermission!


The audience were great!! 

Jerome Won singing and grooving..

Aaron with his trademark expression..

The great diva.. Fairus Adam...

See you all at Intune Music's next performance!! ;-p
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Aaron Lin Weiqiang Director Intune Music School

Intune Music @ Esplanade Concourse on 9 Feb 2013!

Esplanade invited Intune Music performers to sing at the Esplanade Concourse, as part of their 'Time After Time' performances during Chinese New Year 2013. 

Intune Music @ Esplanade Concourse

Our segment was entitled 'Getting Intune With Love', and featured our Vocal Director Mr. Aaron Lim, Intune Music artiste Jerome Won, as well as pianist Chi Sheng, guitarist Sek Jhia, percussionist Evan Liao, and guest performers Kimberly and Kelly as well as our youngest performer Samuel!

Aaron and Jerome taking the stage...

Our youngest performer, Samuel!

A young boy in between 2 gor-gors..

Our music director, Peng Chi Sheng!

Jerome Won crooning onstage..

 2 singers and a guitarist.. lovely combi!

Young guitarist Sek Jhia!

Ultra-talented Evan Liao..

 Guest singers, Kimberly and Kelly!

The whole group on stage..

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Aaron Lin Weiqiang
~ Intune Music. Where Interest Becomes Inspiration!

Director Aaron Lim performing at Countdown 2012 @ Marina Promontory!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our vocal director, Mr. Aaron Lim, was invited to perform at a countdown show 'Happy 3+65' organised by the Republic of Pop (Music & Movement), held at Marina Promontory!

It was a great honour to be performing here in front of thousands of people who were counting down the year of 2012, and welcoming the new year of 2013! Artistes performing include Nathan Hartono, Shimona, Elaine Lam, Cheryl Wee and many more!

Shimona on the big screen...

Shimona onstage.. serenading the audience..

Elaine Lam, Chi Sheng, Shimona and Aaron!

Check out the videos of Aaron's performances here:

Here's looking forward to next year's Countdown Show!! Woo hoo!!~

Aaron Lin Weiqiang 
Intune Music School

Intune and Starbucks - A 5-Year Carolling Collaboration!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Intune Music is once again honoured to be carolling at Starbucks outlets during Dec 2012! This is the 5th year that we are invited to do carolling at their outlets, and we are also working together with nEbO to involve local youths to use their musical and singing talents to spread Christmas cheer to members of the public everywhere!

The performers and Starbucks staff at Starbucks @ Wisma Atria!

Starbucks @ Delfi Orchard!
Our carollers in action at Delfi Orchard Starbucks..

Our talented percussionist Evan Liao..

The cute Samuel Tan (centre), with 2 lovely girls Xin Yin (left) and Wing Hyn (right)..

Samuel seems to be thinking of how to talk to Xin Yin.. ;-p

Our carollers were also lucky enough to have been able to help celebrate the birthday of one of the staff members at Starbucks @ Delfi Orchard! We sang a birthday song for the lucky staff member, and everyone joined in the celebrations! ;-p

Birthday Boy @ Starbucks!

Leon Chua taking centrestage @ Liat Towers Starbucks!

Our Intune Carollers @ Liat Towers Starbucks

The appreciative audience at Starbucks..

 The carollers hanging out at Starbucks @ Wisma Atria!

Intune Carollers @ Starbucks 313 Somerset..

The youngest member of our audience!

Group photo time @ Starbucks 313 Somerset!

Intune Music looks forward to carolling again next year with Starbucks! We would also like to thank nEbO for supporting this event, and providing youths to come join our carolling this year! ;-p

Aaron Lin Weiqiang
Intune Music School

Intune Music Christmas Celebration Extravaganza 2012!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Intune Music Family were once again invited to take part in our Annual Christmas Celebration this year (2012), to get together and have fun and make more new friends within our Intune Family! It was a great dinner and games session, with many funny activities that helped to break the ice between people and form stronger bonds within the Intune community.

The Early Birds.. ;-p

The Dinner Celebration was held at TeaCosy Cafe @ Plaza Singapura, and the food was just fantastic! There was Decadent Salad, British Scones, Calamari, Mushrooms (simply heavenly) and many many other delicious dishes! 

 After we devoured our dinner, we proceeded to play a game which we like to call the Intune Version of 'Facebook'. ;-p Each participant drew a name from the lot, and we each had to design a face that resembles or symbolizes the person whose name we drew.

Check out the pictures below and see if they resemble the people who are holding the pic! The 'artist' is standing beside them. ;-p

Kezia doesn't look too happy.. hahaha...

How can anyone have a Garlic face??

Joycelyn's pic is so sweet.. pink piggy.. ;-p

Another bizarre picture.. haha...


A very close resemblance! Father and Son team!

Aaron is the gangster of Intune! ;-p

 The Intune Family of 2012!! ;-p

Kezia enjoying an impromptu shot with director Aaron Lim..

Kezia and her teacher and director Chi Sheng!

The Intune Family had loads of fun during this gathering, and we will continue having fun at many more gatherings to come! Join us! ;-p

Aaron Lin Weiqiang
Intune Music School